Senta Slingerland’s favorite ad: Boost Your Voice

This is the ad Belgian brand strategist, founder of City.Shapers, partner of inVisible Creatives and writer, Senta Slingerland, likes:

‘I utterly love the 2016 “Boost Your Voice” campaign by Boost Mobile. I loved it when it first launched, have been using it as a reference ever since, and am loving what Boost has been doing since then.
As a phone operator for primarily working-class African-American and Hispanic families (who often live in places that are further away from voting places), Boost Mobile encouraged their community to register to vote prior to the 2016 elections and then transformed their retail spaces into voting polling stations on Election Day.
Not only was the campaign completely on brand in that the initiative literally “boosted” their customers’ voices, it’s also a beautiful example of authentic brand purpose. Boost has always been about giving voice to a community, and what better way to do that then to let them use their voice to steer the future of the country? I also loved how they repurposed their retail space – a great inspiration to retailers who struggle to make innovative use of their spaces in a digital world – and made it so directly targeted to the local community.
They’ve followed Boost Your Voice up with “Step Up to Vote” for 2020, a campaign that aims to help voters to register and access reliable information ahead of the 2020 Election. Which is very necessary…’

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