Top 3 Super Bowl Ads I Like.

So the game is over, the dust cloud is settled and we look into a world where 30 seconds of time cost over 5 Million Dollars. And here are the Top 3 Ads I Like.

First one is GOT x Bud Light cooperation. Probably the creation of Dilly Dilly was the influence of GOT in the first place. What better could it be to combine the campaign with the GOT Finale and make a big bang out of it?

The second one is the Devour Food Porn. Although it resembles me a bit the Axe – Premature Perspiration ad, it is quite well made and probably the “Food Porn” topic is a closer joke than sweat.

And the final is the Andy Warhol eats Burger King. Well it is basic but it is very fresh and different at the same time. The footage was already there so they bought the rights and changed the purpose of the film. There is a controversy though, cause according to the press Andy Warhol wanted to have Mc Donald’s instead at the shoot. Let’s see if McD makes an ad out of that.

Ads I Like.


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