Ad Chad Baker (who created It’s a Tide Ad) Likes

‘Evert_45’ from Dutch agency N=5 for telecommunications company KPN was an online series, that tells the story of Evert, a kid in the Netherlands who is filming his own life like many young people worldwide today. The only difference: Evert’s life is taking place during World War II. It was created to ‘celebrate’ resistance, freedom and to stay connected in a positive way.

‘Evert_45’ is one of my favorite campaigns in recent history. For two reasons: 1. It uses new media to connect with audiences in a way the media was meant to be used. This should be the standard for how brands communicate with consumers. 2. Education is in desperate need of an overhaul (in the USA specifically) and this is a great example on how that can start to happen.

Evert_45 was Grand Prix winner in the category Entertainment during Cannes Lions 2018. Chad Baker, who created last year’s biggest winner It’s a Tide Ad, lives and works (as a freelancer nowadays) in Brooklyn, New York City.


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