Plastic Soup as a Museum Piece. Ad Bas Korsten (the guy behind Next Rembrandt) Likes

‘I love the simplicity of the idea. How it makes an abstract issue physical. It’s so in your face.’

Bas Korsten is Creative Partner at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam and part of Wunderman Thompson’s Global Creative Leadership’s Team. He was one of the creators behind Next Rembrandt.

The world’s very first ‘Oceanic Plasticarium’ is the Ad He Likes.

He says: ‘As long as a problem is out of sight, it’s out of mind. This is exactly why Dopper, a social enterprise known for their reusable water bottles, wants to create awareness and change behavior by bringing people eye to eye with plastic soup.’

The Oceanic Plasticarium is literally bringing plastic soup to the people. The glass cube contains 2,700 liters (713 gallons) of plastic soup, sampled directly from the Pacific Ocean, and is brought to the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam as a brand new museum piece to educate people about the history of mankind and nature.

Korsten: ‘It’s filling in a crucial – but missing – part of history!’

The Oceanic Plasticarium will remain on display in Amsterdam until mid-April, after which the installation will start an international tour.


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