I see, I see, what you don’t see

‘Wanna see what I see?’ ask several athletes in an intens way, while exercising their (extreme) sport – to promote Oakley’s Prizm lenses. To end the ad, which was created by AKQA Paris, with the simple, sales-y tag line: ‘Hey you, what do you see?’

What I like about it, is – as often – its utterly clear angle. Yes, glasses (in any form) are for seeing.

And what I like about the ‘I see’-mantra during the film is that it can have many different meanings. It kind of reminded me of the maffia movie Donnie Brasco with undercover cop Johnny Depp, in which he explains that the sentence ‘Forget about it‘ can have different meanings, depending on the way you pronounce it.

The same goes for ‘I see’, both literally and figuratively… you see?


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