Ad Dan Treichel (a huge running fan) Likes

The ad I like the most in the last ten years was The Breaking 2 Project by Nike and W+K.

I don’t just like this, I capital L.O.V.E. it. The idea is simple. Nike designed a shoe and trained three top marathoners to take a crack at breaking a time of two hours in the marathon. Although Eliud Kipchoge missed the mark by 25 seconds, he smashed the world record by more than two minutes – which is incredible in the marathon world.

This was not just a product demo for a shoe, but a two-year study into training, conditioning, recovery and what makes a perfect course. They named their shoe Vaporfly 4% which implies that it makes you 4% faster.

As a running fan myself, I set my alarm at 3am to watch this live. Millions of other running fans watched the full length National Geographic Documentary about it. And of course almost everybody on my running team bought the shoes – including myself.

Dan Treichel is freelance ECD and former creative at 180, Barton F. Graf and Droga5.


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