TK Maxx goes musical… sure, why not?

Okay, I have to admit: I used to be a fan of TK Maxx, a clothing outlet for left-overs of designer brands and cool brands like Nike and Fred Perry. If I went there, 15 years ago, I always came back with 5 or more unexpected, or at least pretty random, but awesome items. It felt like entering a candy store and walking out with your pockets full, for only a few bucks.

But as time goes by and one becomes somewhat eh… more focused, I guess, and more aware of consumerism, one kind of outgrows TK Maxx. But the old sparkle is still there (I noticed while I was watching the ad; the ‘magical’ formula hasn’t changed).

What I like about this ad is that TK Maxx doesn’t take itself so seriously (as they don’t with the stuff they sell). I mean, a musical – really? And that is quite refreshing in a world where A) brands take themselves very seriously for economic reasons, or B) for reasons of some kind of higher purpose.

In others words, I totally agree with the title of the campaign, “The right way”, as opposed to so many brands doing it the wrong, pretentious, wannabe way.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London

Ad Nils Likes


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