Ad Josh Bryer (who created Palau Pledge) Likes

Aussie Josh Bryer from Host/Havas, now freelance, created Palau Pledge – which won a ton of awards last year. He shares his favorite ad:

The #EltonJohnLewis film is the Ad I Like. The fact that its official name is a hashtag says it all. It’s not only a powerful creative idea that avoids the usual clichéd Christmas imagery, but it’s a simple and elegant creative strategy that evolves and transcends the old TV-first dogma.

Being the smart advertisers they are, John Lewis considered the full media mix upfront and did two very clever things: 1. They started on Social: the campaign was unveiled by John Lewis employees, and John Lewis itself – across their collective social channels, many hours before it went to air on ITV. 2. They sent their beautiful film to every media outlet under the sun, in the full knowledge that it would also be posted and shared online – in feeds. The result was the film was seen by far more eyeballs, all over the world, than any limited TV release in the UK would have garnered. And that’s smart.

Josh Bryer and Gustavo Vampre, another creative behind Palau Pledge


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