Cannes Lions 2019 – The Big Winner will be…

Well it is that time of the year where all cases are waiting to be judged and brands and agencies are happy to hear the results of the biggest AD festival, The Cannes Lions. But as there are so many categories and many many many award shows, it is getting harder every year to keep track of all the winners. We at Ad I Like, are in love with simple things like bread with butter. One ad, one brand, the big honcho, who is it?

So we asked some friends who will be the one to remember this time? Interestingly The answers were not so diverse. I wanted to write my own winner too but they already did it. So here it goes.

Jeff Kling, ex-CCO Fallon fresh founder of Lightning Orchard says “The nike Kaepernick case will win big. It’s got all the stuff. It’s nike being its biggest, best, baddest self; taking a stand (how many brands even bother with that or know that’s the thing to do?), daring to have a POV, even when they know it will cost them votes.”

Molefi Thulo, creative director at Ogilvy Johannesburg says: “Without a doubt the whole Nike ‘Dream crazy’ campaign had an impact on me as a person. Powerful, true to their brand ethos and transcends borders.”

Tomas Ostiglia, ECD LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, thinks “The one I`m in loved: Dream Crazy. The campaign that starts with a tweet and made Donald Trump said: What was Nike thinking?Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. What a fucking great line. The bravest way to celebrate your anniversary.One of the most integrated campaigns. A huge, simple, powerful idea,using context and taking a position.”

Bruno Bertelli, Global CCO of @PublicisWW says “The ground-breaking campaign is  Nike Dream Crazy. There’s this saying “perfection is achieved by taking things out”. Then comes Nike, with one tweet, that embodies 30 years of the “just do it” spirit perfectly. A huge brand that had the balls to show that integrity and values are more important than avoiding risk and trying to make everyone happy. “

And what all say are true, it made the POTUS react to a campaign.

That tweet polarised so much that people started burning Nikes and some also their feet.

I can imagine that there was a point where everyone started panicking and thought this all can flip to the wrong side and the good effort is not understood. But it did not. And I bow to all the people who were strong behind the idea and never let go of it.

Ad Tolga (and many others) Likes.


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