Dream Truth

The market, or should we say the world, is ready for the truth. Is it because crazy clowns like Trump and his international following of populists are spreading chaos? Or is it because we’ve been living in a plastic world, in which the dream life is getting hammered on a deserted island doing nothing?

Maybe the one has to do with the other. Maybe we all got lost a bit. The truth is: more and more people want the truth, are ready for the truth, hell even yearn for the truth. Because the truth maybe harsh sometimes, but it’s the only solid ground to truly build something lasting on, beyond our immediate needs; isn’t that the idea of life, to leave something solid behind for our successors, to build on?

Anyway, we see this urge for the truth with Nike’s Dream Crazy winning Grand Prix’ in Cannes. We see it with The New York Times’ TRUTH campaign winning in Cannes. We see it with Viva La Vulva winning in Cannes (yes, vaginas exist – in full effect). And we see it with Blood Normal winning in Cannes last year already – I just went to a talk [There will be Blood: Brand Activism gets Messily Effective] by Nicholas Hulley & Nadja Lossgott from AMV BBDO London, who created the campaign for Libresse. They explained how fckng difficult it was to be able to speak the truth in the media, that all forbid the campaign at first. ‘No, blood is not ink blue, it’s red!’

And then it hit me: yes, people have emotions and they looove to step into parallel worlds where they can dream about being in love all the time and be a perfect Instagram image of themselves. In the end most of them prefer to live that exact life, including the regular downs, but at least in some moments they actually experience that love and imperfect perfection – which is irreplaceable.

And what I’ve learned from Cannes over the years, is that if you see snippets of something meaningful one year, it often has become reality, or the truth, the next year. 

Ad or should we say truth Nils Like.


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