Dutch gem ‘Highway Fairytales’ wins 6 Lions in Cannes

Okay, so we’re based/biased in the creative capital of Europe, Amsterdam (thank you, Brexit), which means we support our local artists.

In this case, the big Dutch winner of Cannes Lions 2019: creative agencies Achtung! mcgarrybowen and Kraftwerk Linked by Isobar, who won 6 Silver Lions with their adventurous and compelling ‘Highway Fairytales’.

Simply put, the campaign encourages children in a car to look outside the window, instead of zombie-like gazing to screens. Daniël Sytsma, Chief Design Officer EMEA Isobar and Executive Creative Director Studio Kraftwerk: ‘Technology can be a poweful force. While it poses a lot of challenges, it can also help to overcome those. Snelweg Sprookjes is a demonstration of just that. We’ve used mobile phones to provide in-car entertainment without excessive screen time.’

Enjoy the film, or better said: enjoy the ride 😉


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