Ad Mister Goodvertising Likes

The Dane Thomas Kolster was one of the first to encourage brands to do good and was on the 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Jury in Cannes recently. Do Black, developed by Swedish fintech company Doconomy and RBK Communication in Stockholm, which is a credit card that limits users’ carbon footprints, is the ‘Ad’ He Likes:

‘We can clown around, we can lie to ourselves as an industry, but at some point we have to face overconsumption and ramping carbon emissions. The climate activists, Extinction Rebellion, have their eyes on ad land – as we noticed in Cannes. Do Black shows the way forward. Not only in solving shit that matters, but also daring to go all the way. 

Too often we get obsessed with ideas but lack the balls (or their female equivalent) to make them happen. It’s not simply an idea, but a business and a start-up in its own right. 

It was the winner of the Creative eCommerce Grand Prix at Cannes, but being on the Sustainable Development Goal Jury, this was the one pieces of work I really really would have liked to see on that Grand Prix podium as well. Because this is so much more than eCommerce.’


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