Hello Light. VW.

Sometimes it is even hard to say sorry for the tiny mistakes you have done an hour ago. But think … More

Nike – Dream Further.

Nike continues their “Dream” campaign with another one, Dream Further. And honestly the ad made me ask “Why is this … More

Story of Samson. Gillette.

Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special. The new Gillette ad, which is featuring a transgender … More

Harley Davidson Electric.

Harley joined the electric revolution and introduced an all electric bike coming soon this year. I wonder if it will … More

Earth Shot on iPhone.

#Shotoniphone is one of the most used hashtags on instagram just because you can really shoot some great pictures with … More

KFC’s Virtual Influencer.

After the joke about influencers from Diesel and Adobe, KFC joins the game with another version of their Colonel Sanders. … More

Sprite, I love you hater.

Sprite comes with a fresh message to youth about staying fresh against the evil social media comments. Although I had … More

Privacy matters. iPhone.

Apple hits back with this security ad just shortly after Samsung S10’s face recognition problems showcased by Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox … More


After many many years Coca-Cola is launching a new taste. Instead of sharing, caring and being nice the brand is … More

The New Guinness Clear.

Guinness introduced it’s new drink “Guinness Clear” around the world. Fun idea, good production and a great cause. Brilliant. Ad … More

Ad Amir Kassaei Likes.

Amir Kassaei, former Global CCO of DDB and CCO of C14TORCE agency which creates campaigns for Seat, shared with us … More

Studioeyes.co.uk Viral.

This is no big campaign or nothing but it has responded fast to news with adequate quality of production. It … More

Ad Laura Visco Likes.

Deputy ECD of 72 Sunny Amsterdam and AdAge’s Creative Director of the Year Finalists Laura Visco likes Ads too. Especially … More

Like a BOSCH.

Ok, it is the remake of “Like a Boss” from SNL and it is a basic word play. But it … More