Never standing still

When ballet meets Hong Kong meets martial arts meets fashion meets colors meets sports meets sheer beauty you get this: … More

Ad Magnus Jakobsson Likes

Magnus Jakobsson is one of Sweden’s most highly regarded and awarded creatives and creative directors of all time. This is … More

Don’t drink and fuck

Wow! What a tremendous ad by Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo and Le Cube’s Ralph Karam for SKOL Beer. “Drink … More

Wow, just wow

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May the best horse win

As one of my ad friends stated: ‘Wow. Advertising done right…’ To which I added: ‘Plus music done right…’ It … More

The Journey of Bertha Benz

On this day, International Women’s Day, Mercedes-Benz and German agency antoni_garage launched a four-minute film, ‘The Journey that Changed Everything’, … More

Ad Tim Nudd Likes

It’s 10 years old now, but still one of my favorites: BBH and Jamie Rafn’s crazy six-minute film with Robert … More

Ad Zack McDonald Likes

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Be A Follower. Diesel.

In this day and age you’re nothing but a loser if you’re not an influencer. Which is utterly false of … More

Ad John Mescall Likes.

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Walmart Famous Cars.

How do you spice up a rather boring thing such as a grocery shopping pickup service? By using the most … More