Ad John Larigakis (the guy behind McDonald’s ‘W’) Likes

Canadian creative John Larigakis, responsible for flipping McDonald’s arches on International Women’s Day in 2018 (among many other wonderful ideas and executions), shares his personal, favorite ad:

‘Bordeaux 2050: a simple but powerful concept. If climate change continues the way it’s headed – France will lose Bordeaux wines to terrible climate conditions. To make it tangible, they recreated the conditions that the grapes would be growing in and produced a bottle of wine from the future. Naturally, it tasted awful and got a lot of media attention. I like unusual ideas that have a simple concept, a big message and are often a non-traditional medium; it’s earned first and very PR-savvy.’

Agency: McCann Paris + Weber Shandwick France, agence de Relations Publiques

Client: The Association of Journalists for the Environment

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