‘This is what great advertising is about’

Okay, so what do you do when you’re legendary BMX bike brand Redline and you want to – let’s say – revitalize yourself?

You hook up with Harlem hip-hop artist A$AP Ferg, Amsterdam agency HERC and one of Paris’s hottest young directors, Valentin Petit, design a new bike, make a hell of a video and communicate the hell out of it.

That’s it/C’est tout.

Or as creative directors and founders of HERC, Rogier de Bruin and Emilio de Haan, say: “We’re driving culture – as a way to create authentic advertising. For us this is what great advertising is about. Creating original content, that moves on the edge of product design, fashion and music. Our vision is to make brands popular by making them part of pop culture.”

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