Ad the ECD of Virtue Likes For Real

Pascal Rotteveel (on the right), Executive Creative Director at VIRTUE Worldwide – The Creative Agency by VICE, shares the Ad He Likes:

“I like, no love ‘Welcome Home’ for Apple. From last year, but still one of my favorites. In a time where we can make almost everything look real with CGI, I love the fact that they’ve made the things you’d expect to be done in post, for real.

From the choreography to the set builds, you feel the immense craft that is poured into this 4 minute video and it makes all the difference. The fact that Spike Jonze chose Anderson Paak’s music, FKA Twigs for dance, Ryan Heffington for choreography and Hoyte van Hoytema for cinematography helped as well of course.” (No traditional agency was involved.)

Behind The Scenes by Adweek

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