The Ad PJ Pereira, Creative Chairman Pereira & O’Dell, likes.

I love the Nike Basketball Church. I am a big architecture and interior design fan, and always had this fantasy of living inside of a remodelled church – probably a hidden revenge to the priests who ran the catholic school where I studied back in Brazil. Anyway, that is one of those ideas that when you hear, you say, “Damn, why no one had done that before? Why haven’t I done that before?” Well, now it has been.

You don’t need an ad to promote it, a complex social media launch to make it viral, you don’t even need to go there in person to experience it in all its glory. You just need to hear about it, maybe see a picture and really, really wish you could see it in person. Even if you don’t care much about basketball yourself.

Ad… sorry… Church PJ likes.

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