Ad Hugo Veiga (fresh 2-time Grand Prix winner) Likes

Brazilian ad man Hugo Veiga, who just won 2 Grand Prix in 2 category’s with 2 different pieces of work in a span of 2 days, shares an Ad He Likes:

‘I’m fascinated with The E.V.A. initiative for Volvo, which also won a Grand Prix – for creative strategy. Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors and Volvo – sadly – found out that women are more likely than men to suffer injuries from a crash, in part, because most auto companies use male crash-test dummies. Forsman & Bodenfors then released Volvo’s entire catalogue of crash-data to the public, hoping that other automakers would use it to inform the design of their vehicles.

What I love about the initiative is its generosity. Some might think that allowing competitors to have free access to years of research and investment doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. In my opinion, it’s exactly the opposite. Volvo stands for human safety, this initiative is another tangible statement of that exact purpose. And that is brand value that you can’t quantify.’

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