Campaign to protect the Amazon: technology that can turn of machinery

Instituto Raoni – IR and AKQA Casa in São Paulo (and many more) are launching a cyber shield around natural reserves.

ECD Hugo Veiga from AKQA says: ‘Deforestation in the Amazon increased by 278% in July 2019. 1/3 of world’s natural reservations is at risk. Technology can be the solution. The Code Of Conscience is an open source software that tracks any machinery that crosses any protected area and TURNS ITS SYSTEM OFF.’

Code of Conscience uses open-source mapping data from the United Nations World Database on Protected Areas – updated monthly by NGOs, communities and governments – in conjunction with existing GPS tracking technology that’s installed in construction vehicles, to autonomously restrict deforestation crews from entering protected zones. (Source: The Drum)

‘I speak out now so that we can live well, so that we can coexist and love and take care of one another’, Native Brazilian Raoni Metuktire says.

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