Ad I Loooved 14 years ago

Sony Bravia Balls (2005) was one of those ads that left one in awe – for as much as an ‘ad’ is capable of doing so of course.

In my humble opinion, The 2 and a half minute long film featuring colored balls bouncing down the streets of Russian Hill in San Francisco, plus the song Heartbeats from José González, was poetic branded content avant-la-lettre.

Ad I, Nils Adriaans, like.

(The original Sony Bravia Balls commercial was developed at Fallon London by creative director Richard Flintham, copywriter/art director Juan Cabral and agency producer Nicky Barnes. Filming for Sony Bravia Balls was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig via MJZ with producer Nellie Jordan, and director of photography was Joaquin Baca-Asay. Source and much more imagery and stuff:

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