Ad Rob Reilly Likes – ‘The craft is just fucking epic’

This is the ad that Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman McCann Worldgroup, likes:

‘The year was 1993 and I was an assistant working in an agency that was subletting some space from one of the greatest agencies of the past, Grace & Rothschild.

Now, being in the presence of Roy Grace and Diane Rothschild was intimidating enough, but the rock star creatives this place had was just mind blowing. Only these rock stars were humble, generous and always had time to critique my crap junior book. It is safe to say, I wouldn’t have this job today if it were not for people like Allen Richardson and the creators of this amazing example of art and copy working to perfection – Gary Cohen and Don Miller.

This agency produced so many great print ads for Range Rover, and a ton of other accounts, but none hits out of the park more than this one. The craft is just fucking epic. So much so, that when I finally landed my first junior copywriting job at McCann I asked Diane Rothschild to sign it on my way out. She did, of course. But it took a lot of begging from me. And yes, I still have it.’

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