Ad Tony’s Chocolonely CMO Likes

This is the ad Dutch marketing front-woman Thecla Schaeffer from Tony’s Chocolonely (whose mission it is to make all chocolate 100% slave free – yeah!) and former CMO of G-Star , likes:

‘I’m not sure if Chanel’s ad for Pharrell’s capsule collection counts as a great ad according to the laws of advertising. It does not have a clear message, it does not show the product in full glory and it does not have a clear call to action. It’s not even completely “on brand” if you compare it to Chanel’s other ads. But I like it when a brand gives a platform to creativity and is not afraid to give creators the space (and budget) to bring their visions to live. Chanel does just that: time and again it puts creativity in any form on a stage and by doing so they have been able to transform from a brand for old, wealthy ladies to a brand that is relevant in today’s culture.

Having said that, it’s my opinion that when a brand needs to advertise, the advertising at least should make our surroundings a little bit more beautiful. The Chanel Pharrel “ad” depicts a dreamlike situation, with an intriguing mix of futuristic and classical elements and references to Japanese manga. It’s truly a little gift to yourself to watch this short movie.’

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