Ad (with balls hanging on a towing hook) starring the World’s Biggest Asshole

Ad André Ettema from The Solos, specialized in music for filmtrailers (such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Alien, Transformers, Iron Man and Wolverine), Likes:

‘Coleman F. Sweeney is an asshole. In fact, he’s the World’s Biggest Asshole. But he is also the star of a daring video for Donate Life America by The Martin Agency.

This is a brilliant ad about a guy who hangs nuts and puts tacky stickers on his truck; a total asshole who turns into a hero after we learn he has willed his organs for transplants. The one good deed he ever did.

This ad will certainly put a smile on your face while having a very serious message. It’s a welcome reprieve from the ads that shame you into taking action, and it’s brilliantly played.’


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