The new John Lewis is out – but do we like it?

Departement store John Lewis and grocery store Waitrose (which are part of the same company) partnered up for the first time to launch their long awaited Christmas ad, which stars Excitable Edgar the baby fire breathing dragon and sends out the message ‘Show them how much you care’.

Is it creatively innovative or groundbreaking? No. Is it sweet? Yes. Is it well crafted? Absolutely. Does it make you smile? Yes. Does it make your X-mas juices flowing? We guess. The thing is… it feels a bit safe, even old maybe. We prefer brands that speak up in this day and age of overwhelming amounts of information and environmental and political turmoil. If not about those things, then at least come up with something different. We’re afraid this one won’t stand out.

And what do they want customers to do precisely? Just keep on buying stuff – keep calm and carry on? But that’s just us… guardians of great ads.

Agency: Adam&Eve/DDB. Director: Dougal Wilson.

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