Is it a Nike ad? No, it’s a Mercedes-Benz ad (but it’s really great)

Ad I Like’s Nils Adriaans represents Dutch trade magazine Adformatie as a jury member for the Epica Awards, the only creative¬†prize¬†awarded by journalists working for marketing and communications magazines around the world.

While he’s in a dark cellar this week judging the work (the award show takes place next Thursday evening in Amsterdam), he’ll share a gem every day. Here’s the Ad He Likes for today – Monday November 18th 2019:

‘It doesn’t happen often that an almost 5 minute long ad highly entertains you. Especially in a dark cellar, watching 480 minutes of advertising a day. When an ad grabs your attention then, you know it’s great.’

Agency: antoni. Production: Iconoclast Berlin. Director: Niclas Larsson

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