Ad on Meth D&D Like

Dutch CD/copywriter Desmond Lissone from D&D (Desmond&Demian) shares a recent, controversial ad they like:

‘Advertising should get people to notice your product, service, cause or message. So that they can add it to their consideration list. But while we, at D&D, don’t actually believe meth is something one should consider, we do think the meth problem is real and people need to get thinking (and talking) about it.

The South Dakota campaign “Meth. We’re on it.” nails those objectives with blunt and ballsy ads. Sure, people make fun of the copy. But that’s also what makes you take a closer look. And after the initial chuckle, it sinks in quickly like a bad trip – leaving you with the realization that meth is a dead serious problem, which is rampant across America.

Bonus: worldwide attention on a local budget.’

Agency: Broadhead, Minneapolis. Client: South Dakota Department of Social Services

Photography D&D: Daniel Ashes

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