Martin Ginsborg: ‘May 2020 be filled with lots of ads that don’t look like ads’

Danish Creative Director at UnfoldTheUmbrella, and former ECD of Grey Nordic and Anomaly Amsterdam, Martin Ginsborg, reminds us that the best ads aren’t ads at all:

‘On this first Monday of the New Year 2020, let’s take a quick moment and remind ourselves why the heck we get up in the morning and still get excited to do ads. It’s because the best ads, frankly, aren’t ads at all. They are stories. Cultural juggernauts that somehow hijack everyones attention.

They create pictures that stick like toffee on a toddler’s face. Like a girl facing down a bull. They are pieces of art that move us, as much as any in the Louvre. If you would like your mind blown, do watch Salvador Dali’s commercial for Alka-Seltzer. They can even be done without pictures at all. Here’s to you Mr. Really-Really-Bad-Dancer. When we put our minds to it, ads can be a call to arms that makes us rethink everything #LikeAGirl. They can be stories that mould our hearts and characters (Plato said that). Or make us go smash freezers in a video game. Make us stick our tongues out and yell ‘wassup’? to strangers. And turn armless-men into super-humans

I don’t always like ads, but when I do… I like all of the above. May 2020 be a super-duper-flower-power fully reasonable year, filled with lots of ads that don’t look like ads at all. And brave clients who buy stuff like this Afri-Cola ad created by Charles Wilp in 1968.’

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