Never Finished Ad Susan Credle Likes

This is the ad Susan Credle — Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB and the upcoming Titanium Lions Jury President in Cannes this year — likes:

“I’m a big fan of Never Finished ideas. Ideas that solve short-term business problems and also build brand equity over time. If you Google “Got Milk: Alexander Hamilton,” you’ll be taken to a 1993 commercial – see below.

The first time I saw it, I was completely engaged. The casting, the editing, the beautifully framed shots, the cinematography, the sound design, all were so compelling. But the narrative first caught my attention and has stayed with me for 27 years. Who was this guy? Why was he obsessed with Aaron Burr? And why should I care? One mouth full of peanut butter and a phone call later and I found that I, too, desperately wanted a glass of milk.  

The agency GSP is famously responsible for this campaign, which still exists today. The agency’s founder, Jeff Goodby, credits a woman in a focus group for the strategic idea. She said, “The only time I ever think about milk is when I run out of it.” These are the gems we look for in a brief. So simple, once you find it. Layer great execution on top of a great idea on top of a real truth, and the outcome is award-winning, culture-shaping, business-igniting results. Sounds easy. But, as we all know, it’s not.

In 2015, Leslie Odom Jr., who played Aaron Burr on Broadway, spoofed the original “Got Milk” spot to promote the runaway hit, Hamilton. Proof that a great piece of advertising has a very long life. It’s hard to measure the ROI of Never Finished ideas. But a $10,000 glass of milk is a pretty good place to start.”

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