Great exception CD/copywriter Merien Kunst Likes

Merien Kunst is a creative director and copywriter at Havas Lemz Amsterdam, working with brands like IKEA, Greenchoice, Citroën and Chamber of Commerce. This is an Ad He Likes:

“A processed meat brand that becomes a standout philosophical voice during times of great personal anxiety and political unrest caused by COVID-19? It seems quite unlikely. However, that’s exactly what frozen steak company Steak-umm is currently doing on Twitter. In the last few weeks, their posts are nuanced observations about the current situation in the USA. Seemingly off the cuff and without any decent interpunction, each tweet a holds clever statement that puts things into perspective. They tend to focus on the risk of misinformation and finger-pointing.


Usually I’m convinced that brands should stick to their territory. Suddenly getting political or finding a new, unconvincing purpose (seems to happen a lot lately). This time, I think it’s a great exception. What could a frozen steak brand possibly have to add? By getting these tweets out there, Steak-umm adds a valuable voice among the usual vitriol of Twitter. And when your content is so extremely far removed from your actual product, it becomes a brilliant way to hack your own brand. This way, they create a humble and clever presence for themselves during these unprecedented times.

Also, it pays off. It has been picked up by countless news titles including Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. Even CNN host Soledad O’Brien (1.1M followers) retweeted them: “I’m a vegan, but @steak_umm is a worthwhile follow.”

They are well aware of the absurdity of it all. By calling it out, they quickly neutralize this issue before it bites them in the ass:

Ad I Like? OK, maybe it’s not a real ad. And I’m also not sure about eating frozen steaks. But it’s brilliant copy content that shows some real brand bravery. So, go check it out as it happens and enjoy.” #stayhome #eatlessmeat

Photo credit Merien: Marijke de Schepper

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