Ad (more than 500 awards winner) Per Pedersen Likes

This is the ad Per Pedersen, who stepped down as Grey Worldwide chief creative officer last year to recently start a global alliance* of top independent agencies (without the layers of bureaucracy), likes:

“It’s 1996. First year for me in Cannes. Back then the film category was the star of the show. You’d sit day in and day out in dark and cold auditoriums watching every single submission. Often hours of boring commercials until a pearl would roll over the screen. The first of these pearls I experienced was W&K’s epic soccer spot ‘Good vs Evil’. The second Max Von Sydow’s voice rang out in the darkness I was sold. This felt like nothing I’d seen before back in little Denmark where we wouldn’t even dream about that kind of production value. This film opened a door of endless inspiration for me and reminded me that what we do, can be much bigger and much more entertaining than the run of the mill ads that pollute the media. Watching the film again it still holds up. Are there better films ads out there? Definitely! But for everything this film did for me it’s my favorite.’

*) The Dane Per Pedersen – who was the most awarded creative in the Grey network, with more than 500 awards – announced his plans last April 14th on social media:

“Some big news!

A long career in advertising has taught me that change is the only constant. Never has this truth felt more relevant. The big reset button has been pushed. The world will forever be a different place, and it’s time to rethink everything we thought we knew. 

Time to reinvent who we want to be as people. Time to reinvent creativity. For me personally this means taking a big leap of faith from the familiar big global holding company networks to a brand new shape of creative network. I’m leaving Grey to join forces with the world’s most creative independent agencies.

Together we are launching a new global creative network. Owned by creatives. Driven by creativity. With no expensive headquarter. No expensive C-suite. No complex processes producing meeting after meeting. No silos. Instead a brand new business model in the service of one thing only: Big ideas. 

This is a goodbye to the conformist and corporate thinking and a big welcome to the rule breakers and entrepreneurs that are driven by true passion. This is a hello to the creative network of the future.

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