Ad Madonna Badger Likes

This is the ad Madonna Badger, founder and CCO of Badger & Winters and initiator of #WomenNotObjects and #NoKidsInCages, likes:

“As I watch this spot, I can feel the wind on my face and feel the softness of the summer night. Hanging out with my best friends.  We are blaring this song, because we love Nick Drake, especially this song. We all have that beautiful light on us and our skin feels dewy.  The roads are just the right amount of wet.

It’s everything I want from my car, and my friends. We are wordless as the song takes over.  

This ad magically transports me to those places, when I was younger, when our lives were so simple. It’s the simplicity of this spot mixed with the absolute perfect song.

I even bought a Volkswagen after this ad aired.

For me that is a great advertisement, that which reflects and stirs the feelings, the times —  in a glance or a smile, or trying to catch blossoms through the wind.

I want to live that life, or at least pretend that I do. It’s an ad with flawless execution on a soft wordless night, driving. Even fun parties that look like the type I would like are pale in comparison.

I want to live there.”

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