Idea Ronald Ng (Global CCO Isobar) Likes

This is the ad, sorry idea Ronald Ng likes:

‘I’m saying idea, because it’s not an ad. I love ideas. They make me excited, jealous and insecure. So having to pick one is like being forced to pick a favorite child. Anyway here’s a recent favorite for by AMV BBDO (which just won 2 D&AD Pencils). Such a clever idea that compels Londoners to demand action against worsening pollution levels around their homes. How? By making it matter where it hurts most – their property prices. A simple but absolutely honest data-driven website showed the health and financial costs of air pollution around your property. And if your hard-earned investment is going to be affected by pollution levels, it’s time to let your voice be heard. London property owners, you know what to do.

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