Ad Alvin Chan (Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director) Likes

Global brand, design and communications specialist, Alvin Chan has worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, and in his native Australia:

‘There are so many great ideas out there, but a few that still stick in my mind. I have chosen an ad from a few years back (The Man Who Walked Around The World) and its an amazing 6 minute short film for Johnnie Walker whiskey featuring Robert Carlyle – walking the hills of Loch Doyne in Scotland recounting, in full detail, the story of how the Scottish farmer turned his product into the world famous brand it is today.
Being a brand guy, there are so many factors that this film achieved. The script was very well done which weaved the brand story seamlessly in a narrative. The notion that Robert Carlyle delivered the story while walking was clever, reinforcing the campaign – Keep Walking. From a craft level, the casting, scenery, the props to punctuate the narrative, the timing of the delivery to the props, not to mention a 6 minute ‘one take’ was beautifully done. It goes to show that a great idea delivered with great craft can be a powerful thing.”

In earlier times Alvin worked for Nike, where he spent six years and was made Global Creative Director for Football in 2010. He moved from Nike to become European Creative Director for Infiniti / Nissan at G1/TBWA Paris, and then to G-Star Raw as Global Creative Director. Alvin is also a proven entrepreneur, having founded his own brand experience agency, Superlarge, in 2015. At Cheil he’s responsible for Samsung’s worldwide mobile, retail (physical and online), and dotcom experiences. He divides his time between Seoul and The Netherlands, where he is also the president of the local chapter of Alliance Graphique Internationale.

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