Autocorrect Ad I Like

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 STI (sexually transmitted infections) checks have been on the decline, while cases have been sky-rocketing. The primary cause: unprotected sex. To bring light to this issue, advertising agency ‘SuperHeroes’ – with shops in Amsterdam, New York and Singapore – changed its name to ‘SuperHerpes’ on World Sexual Health Day last Friday.

Although our creative industry is all about being original and to change a company name (for a day) to put a significant social issue on the agenda is not uncommon, the new name is well… quite uncommon.

‘Yes, well in this particular case, the name change is like dropping the mic,’ says Victor Farias, art-director at SuperHerpes (formerly known as SuperHeroes). He continues: ‘We’re on a mission to save the world from boring advertising, but if we can save it from nasty STIs at the same time, that’s a win-win.’

The name change stems from an accidental ‘autocorrect’ text sent by one of his fellow heroes (to be unnamed). Which inspired them to make the rather extreme move. Additionally, they’ve released a ‘pubic service’ announcement campaign. With ads that hand out free condoms, and an updated agency website that promotes good sexual health practices.

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