Already ad legend Ryan Reynolds brings back Rick Moranis from 23-year acting hiatus

Actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds does it again. Pulling a stunt in ad land. After buying a stake in Aviation Gin, promoting it in its own, funny and clearly effective way and (then) selling it for a shitload of money – he’s now doing the same thing with Mint Mobile, in which he bought a stake last year, by bringing back Rick ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ Moranis from a 23-year acting hiatus. Reynolds trick: totally going his own, very comfortable, but original way and by doing so, not doing the expected.

Moranis left acting a few years after his wife Ann Belski died of cancer. In 2006 he said: “For the first couple of years I was able to make it work – doing one and a half pictures a year for three months with no problem,” he says. “But I started to really miss them. It got to the point where I was doing a lot of pictures with kids – really nice kids, but not my kids. So, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m tired of talking to my kids from a hotel room. I’m going home.’ So I turned down the next pictures that came along and the break just got longer and longer. “I didn’t miss the work, I didn’t miss the travel, I didn’t miss the people. I didn’t miss any of it.”

Earlier this year it was announced that Moranis would return to acting for another Honey, I Shrunk The Kids sequel, ‘Shrunk’, at Disney, But Reynolds beat them to it.

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