Fair enough! Slave-free chocolate Ad (with Idris Elba) We Like

Creative agency HERC produced this manifesto, starring Idris Elba as spoken word artist, for Dutch chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely that wants to make the chocolate industry slave-free.

The film addresses what’s very fair, according to Idris Elba being Tony’s Chocolonely voice, and what’s very unfair – like there are still two million (!) children working illegally in the international cocoa industry.

It’s both optimistic and serious at the same time. Just like Tony’s. It’s maximum poppy and full-on colourful. Just like Tony’s. And it’s touching as well: “Kids playing freely like a boss. Yes, fair.” Just like Tony’s.

The brand is truly original, its purpose (making the chocolate industry slave-free, already since 2005) is spot on at this moment – the brand has a POV/opinion – and what’s not to like about Idris Elba? Ad We in all fairness Like. Oh and the product is exceptional too. Tony’s Chocolonely is market leader in The Netherlands since 2018.

Ashley Verse

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