What a great, great copy ad (in these confusing times)

As Muse by Clio says: ‘Juan Cabral Crafted a Gem for Fernando Machado’s Final BK Spot.’

Or as Stephan Vogel from Ogilvy states: ‘When great copywriting meets great concept and direction. When heartfelt collaboration works across all borders. For me it’s genius in any dimension.’

A snippet from the ad: ‘Terrence knows he should sneeze into his elbow. But isn’t everyone bumping on those? He’s confused.’ After which Terrence desperately falls down on his knees.

David Madrid, again, hits a homerun with this Donnie Darko / Mad World like commercial about confusing times, promoting ‘a Whopper made without beef, that tastes just… like beef’.

It nails these times perfectly, while conveying a ‘confusing’ message in a funny, empathetic and – in the end – very positive way.

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